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Sacred Omkara – Suar wood sculpture – by: Seji Taram


Seji Taram transforms Balinese suar wood into a beautiful wall sculpture. Frangipani blossoms nestle beneath the Hindu omkara symbol. Known as om or sum, omkara is the root of al sounds, emitted as a mantra during meditation. It is believed all desires will vanish, thus attaining self-realization and the highest of knowledge. His one letter symbolizes the most high in Hindu pantheon, representing every kind of trinity such as Brahma-Vishnu-Shiva, paste-present-future, birth-life-death; creation-preservation-destruction, and waking-dreaming-deep sleep.
Suar wood
Signed by Artist
Intended as wall decor
Wood Grain and color can vary slightly
Made in Indonesia
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Additional information

Weight .4 lbs
Dimensions 7.75 x .9 x 8.25 in


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